Done Right at Your Site!

PREMIER MOBILE FLEET SERVICES LLC does more than just fix your immediate automotive issues!  Our professional team will also advise you on ways to save you time and money in the future (no obligations, of course).  Our mobile services are performed by a staff that is professional and knowledgeable while most services are conveniently "Done Right at Your Site".  Our team is ready and qualified for any challenge your vehicle may present and dedicated to keeping it running great and making you money.



Stay Safe!

You are busy — let us take great care of your vehicle's maintenance and repairs. We come to you and service your vehicle(s) at your location for most services. In the case of more extensive repairs needed, we will handle transport of your vehicle to our shop and return it to your location. You will never have to worry about spending your time on your vehicle's maintenance or repairs again. During each visit, we will alert you to any problems a complimentary and comprehensive vehicle inspection, with a full report to you, to help prevent the dreaded break-down.

Premier Mobile Fleet Services has the proper equipment and experience to diagnose and repair your vehicle affordably and effectively. Call us to keep your customers happy, your vehicles running great and on the road making you money.


Keeping your Fleet on the Road!

PREMIER MOBILE FLEET SERVICES Preventative Maintenance services are what set us apart from other mechanics.  Making your vehicle work harder than it needs to will shorten its life.  Keeping them well maintained will help them run better, more efficiently, prevent breakdowns and lengthen the life of your fleet.  We will come to your site and perform a full maintenance inspection, the required maintenance and inform you of any upcoming repairs or services needed.  Your employees never need to leave their jobs to make this all happen.

Mechanic's Garage
Roadside Assistance


There Where You Need Us!

PREMIER MOBILE FLEET SERVICES Roadside Assistance service is another great benefit you will receive for allowing us the privilege of taking great care of your vehicles.  We will come to your vehicle, wherever it is, to get it back on the road and making money for your business.  No need to send employees to come out and get it transported to a repair shop.  We know how to keep your fleet rolling.


Honest, Transparent Assessment - Always!

PREMIER MOBILE FLEET SERVICES technicians will get your vehicles back on the road quickly and accurately, providing only necessary and preapproved services that will keep your vehicles healthy and on the road making money for your business.  Keeping your vehicles on the road is our number one priority.  Let us maintain your vehicles and keep them on the road.

Mechanic's Garage


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